Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 7th Jan 2010 Getting Arty

Resident handyperson and I are currently enjoying the fine weather of our national capital and as well as keeping an eye out for Kev- our fearless leader for those of my OS readers- we are also taking in the incredible French post impressionist art exhibition at the National Gallery. I can't take pikkies in the exhibition but here is the queue before it opened - we were in the middle of the line at this point.
Of course because they had funky purple sunnies for sale in the gallery shop, someone had to buy them and our guest photographer (who should really do his own blog cos his pikkies are great) took a pic of said glasses.

My absolute favourite part of the gallery is the fog sculpture in the sculpture garden and dang it if guest photographer's shots aren't way better than mine - despite the fact I took heaps. The experience of this sculpture was perfect once again today. Just love it!


  1. Didn't know you were making this trip! Am FLYING up there next week for the day to see the incredible art - so you would recommend it?
    Those sunnies are to die for...

  2. Thankyou darling they did have my name on them ... in purple. Yes the art is awesome and driving here was lots cheaper and less carbon than flying... you will love it :)

  3. I have never heard of a fog garden. An interesting concept considering how it would change depending on ambient conditions. I've been enjoying your pix.


  4. Thanks Hiram . The section of the garden I love has a set of misting devices so that as you say the fog is a moving living presence in the garden -it is cool and so beautiful on a hot dry day.

  5. That fog garden is certainly unique. Your two photos show how much it changes.

  6. Great pictures Sue. The fog garden looks brilliant - purple sunnies mmmmm not so sure ;-)