Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 Jan 3rd 2010 A new view on things.

Seeing one of the themes for the 365 project is going to be change I thought I'd start a series of photos todsy . This is the view from my desk as I sit here at my computer. I have always wanted to have this room as my office because I love the outlook onto one of my favourite parts of the garden and now as Kate has left home I have done a whole lot of furniture moving and cleaning before christmas and here is my new outlook. I will be adding shots as the seasons change and  I will be including some other garden shots for those other horticulturally obsessed like myself. I have a large garden which I despair about sometimes but I also love the way it draws me out of the house and makes me get active. I am so much a part of the seasons up here and this is summer. As I write my resident handyperson who has finished two sections of deck beautifully, is working on ivy removal from a tree fern. Controlling the ivy is an eternal battle here as it strangles trees and carpets the beds making it impossible for our native animals like lyrebirds to forage. After the tedious removal comes the cleanup and  maintenance.

The other thing taking my time as we wind down from Christmas, New Year and several birthdays right after Christmas has been bottling. I was given a huge 20kg box of cherries by a vendor at a local stall and then had to do something with them. I spend a lot of time in summer doing bottling using a fowler's set and I love the beautiful jewel-like colours of the jars in a row. Anyone have a good recipe for a cherry pickle or pie?


  1. Cherries- my fave. Was going to make a cathedral Christmas cake this year with lots of cherries but ran out of time. Suppose I could make a New Year cake instead.

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  3. The view is beautiful - I also moved my office into my daughter's room - every woman needs a "room with a view"