Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 Jan 5th More Packing

After packing up and moving daughter No 2 to her flat in the city and then changing around rooms at home here and lots of cleaning and dusting, it seems I am still packing. Today was spent packing up all the christmas decorations and putting them away for a year. I also packed up several bags for the opshop and then I packed up more precious stuff to take to the storage we have hired this year because of the concerns about the fire season. I seem to be living a dual life trying to deal calmly with a threat of fire that apparently is worse than ever and also getting on with all the other parts of my life that are changing. After 20 years of this never being a consideration we are doing this and I still wonder as I pack boxes.


  1. I wonder if that kind of packing will ever feel normal?
    Meanwhile, my decorations are all still up for the 7th. I'm a bit over them actually.

  2. You've reminded me of what I have to come home to. I'm living in denial here!