Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 Jan 4th 2010 Inspiration

So as I am sure you will work out , I am very much involved in my garden and living where I do , I have lots of wonderful sources for inspiration when I struggle with how to solve a garden design problem. One of the most amazing sources for me is the Cloudehill garden which is in walking distance. This garden is extensive and has a nursery, but what I like most about it is how the designer uses colour and art as an integral part of the experience. These photos in no way really capture the experience but they are tastes of what is this amazing constantly changing canvas. Art exhibitions, music and theatre happen in the garden and I am looking forward to seeing a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream this Saturday in what should be an almost perfect covergence of text and location. Hopefully I will have some photos to share


  1. It all looks deliciously lush- not dry and weedy like my garden.

  2. What a great garden. And, as it is winter here, I am really enjoying your flowers!

  3. I'm a keen gardener myself and appreciate the 'art' in creating a garden. These photos are an inspiration. Look forward to seeing more of your garden.