Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 17/01/10 Makin' compost and connections

A busy weekend of lovely conversations and friends and food. Tanya, Peter and Maxim came to collect compost and, after a morning of playing tourists with Gary and Eleanor, we spent the afternoon chatting and then this evening I went past the beautiful Russian Orthodox church where Tanya's husband Peter is a priest. It looked like a fairytale castle lit up at night in the middle of Brunswick. Just beautiful.


  1. Do you work with Tania? Been trying to get my arms around how large Australia is and I know I continually underestimate.

    What kinds of camera did you use to photograph the church? The lighting is wonderful.

  2. Love the alliteration, Sue. Hiram, we don't work at the same school but we live close enough to get together.

    We're going to wait for the rain to pass before we spread all that lovely mulch. Can't wait for the minerals to get in there and improve the poor soil. Great, mysterious pic of the church.