Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 Jan 2nd 2010 Happy Birthday Jo

So today is my big girl's 22nd birthday and Judy O'Connell's photo made me think I should mark the day here. It has been a really strange Christmas and New Year with Jo away in France and then travelling with Josh till June. As it is her birthday  today this adds to the sense of her absence - so many milestones we aren't together to share. We spoke last night on skype and she is having a wonderful time and I am so excited to share her travels. This photo is my favourite one of her as a baby. She was a shy little girl and this is captured in her watchful expression. Her happiness and personal growth in the last five years has been fantastic andd this reminds me of how far she has come. Happy birthday darling- we miss you.
 Just added a new photo of Josh and Jo on New Years Eve in Paris



  1. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful daughter.

    I like this smart way to do 365. I might try it. I have no expectation of actually making it to 365, but I need to get journaling back into my life and this just might do it. Good reflection tool.

    Thanks Sue!

  2. Hi Sue, I know what you mean about missing loved ones at Christmas. For the first time in 53 years, I didn't spend Christmas with my mum and dad. Not to say that we weren't happy, we (my husband and kids and daughter's husband) spent it with my sister's family in Switzerland instead. But it's hard to break a tradition that long without feeling a tiny touch of nostalgia. At least technology is a wonderful thing in that it keeps us in touch no matter where we are in the world. Off to NY tomorrow. Happy new Year

  3. Isn't she just gorgeous! So nice to have shared memories of our special girls on this day!