Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 21/01/10 new day new job

Well after all the years of me being the photographer when members of my family made big new steps and started out doing something amazing, today was my turn. Little Ms Stick-in-the-mud  has finally picked herself up and done something different. After 29 years of working at the same school in the state system, today I headed off to my new job at a really wonderful private school. Lots of nerves and excitement and my darling resident Handy Person got to do the photography thing for a change. Seems to be the thing for the year.


  1. You look gorgeous - nerves and excitement must be good for you. Glad it was a propitious start today, enjoy tomorrow.

  2. Things haven't changed much. Here is a photo of my mother on her first day at school.


    I trust you had a great day.

  3. Hello, Sue,

    I sent you an email to your edumail account, but I see from your blogs that you are moving to MLC - how exciting for you but what a big loss for Upwey! I am currently in Rochester NY and would love to stay in touch with you. You have been an inspiring role model to me in many ways, despite our short association. My email is

  4. Hope your first day went well. :)